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Our Providers at Omni Eye Care perform comprehensive dry eye services. If you think you have dry eye condition or require professional treatment for dry eye, we want to assist you. Learn more about dry eye to help you determine whether you should seek treatment.

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What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is an eye condition that involves an inability to produce the proper amount and quality of tears. Your eyes need to produce moisture in order to ensure clear vision and quality ocular surface. The most common symptoms of dry eyes is dry, itchy, and red eyes. If you have dry eye, you are likely to experience these symptoms more often when looking at light. Dry eyes are associated with aging, diabetes and several other medical conditions.  Additionally, patients with prolonged computer or other digital device use are predisposed to developing dry eyes.

How is Dry Eye Condition Treated?

In order to treat a dry eye condition, you will need to see an eye care professional. Your eye doctor will be able to diagnose you properly with having this condition. They will then prescribe you with prescription strength eye drops to lubricate your eyes. For more advanced cases of dry eyes, you may be fitted with punctal plugs. Eye surgery may be needed in certain cases, such as the closing of tear ducts to prevent tear loss. 

Why Should I Visit Dr. Lapsi at Omni Eye Care for Dry Eyes in Covina, CA?

As a leading eye surgeon and physician, Dr. Lapsi of Omni Eye Care provides comprehensive dry eye solutions. Whether you respond effectively to prescription strength eye drops or you need a more advanced treatment via eye surgery, Dr. Lapsi will be able to assist you. She will also work with you regarding lifestyle changes, such as the use of specialty devices to help treat your condition.

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